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Biomechanical Tattoo – Damn cover-ups.

One of the most annoying things are cover-ups, for the limitations imposed by the old tattoo, for the difficulty of working over an existing tattoo and for the uncertain result, if not in the short term certainly in the long term, of which however the tattoo artist will be held responsible.

If in the past cover-ups were simpler, given the often small size of old tattoos, today, with the diffusion of large tattoos, it is increasingly difficult to be able to do effective cover-ups.

This guy came to me asking to cover multiple tattoos on his entire right arm. All in all, the tattoos were well done but he didn’t like them anymore. Unfortunately, given their size, the way they were spread out and the intense use of black, it would have been impossible to achieve a good cover-up.

He also didn’t seem very willing to undergo laser sessions to remove them.

In extremis…

Honestly, I don’t remember how and why he decided to abandon the idea of ​​the cover-up and focus on the other arm with a biomech tattoo project, but so be it, and I couldn’t be more pleased 😀

He chose a design that he liked from the ones I already had available, asking if I could change the cold colours with warm colours.

Said and done.

I adjusted the work to the size of his arm and we were ready to start.


The sessions followed one another without major problems, except for a few postponements and a few sessions that had to be interrupted due to last-minute commitments.

All that remained was one last session to add the whites and increase contrast here and there, but the session was postponed over and over again without ever having been performed.

For reasons I can only imagine, the client never showed up to finish the job.

A real shame because the work is pretty good as it is, but being deprived of the opportunity to complete one’s work, as well as being frustrating, is also a lack of respect for one’s work in my opinion.

Unfortunately…People are people.

Below are pictures of the process. The video and final picture were taken at the end of the last session.